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What we can offer you:

We have a variety of packages on offer to cater to your event. However, we always try our best to personalise our packages so they are tailored to your needs specifically. So if there is something in particular you are after, please get in touch with us and we can go from there! Our most popular options are pasted below. 

Deluxe Package:

3 Piece

(3 Vocalists & Professional Backing Tracks)


2 x 45 mins


3 x 40 mins

Premium Package:

6 Piece - Live Band 

(Vocalists, Guitarist, Double Bassist and Drums)

2 x 45 mins


3 x 40 mins

All packages include:

PA system

Costume change between sets

playlist during break (available on request)

To get a quote, please contact us. Prices vary due to travel expenses.

The Lollipops

Vintage Vocal Trio

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